UNSIDER offers Services through the use of which it is possible to be always brought up to date in standards Steel Sector. These Services are free for UNSIDER Associates.


For the Associates that ask for working in one of the various UNSIDER Technical Committes, by specific request, it is possible to work in a Technical Group.
In that way, it is possible for the Associates to reach documentations and standard projects of every single UNSIDER Technical Committee.

Link to service: INFORMAZIONE UNIONE (External Link)

You have the possibility of working with UNSIDER Technical Committees and CEN and ISO Technical Committees receiving documentation by the information system UNIONE.
Unsider Window

People can be in contact with UNSIDER Window for asking specific widening in some particular cases in which they haven’t been solved consulting the Steels and Standards Data Base.

These services are efficient and in time thanks to the specialization of the Technical Officers.

Unsider permits the consultation of about 20000 documents archive from different Organizations and Countries, everyone about steel field..

People can ask help by phone during the normal office time or you can send a fax or an e-mail.

The UNSIDER Window is opened every day (from Monday to Friday) from 8.30 to 17.30.

The service of widening into specific and precise arguments in case of the consultation of Standards Steel Data Base is not sufficient.
Standards Interpretation service (SIN)

The purpose of that praxis is the definition of the process about UNSIDER service.

The service has to satisfy the requires for explanation only for UNI Standards of UNSIDER competence and it is from UNSIDER to Associates and to UNI Associates.
This process is here described:
a) transmission of the request from the Associate to UNSIDER
b) the Technical Officer examines the request
c) the Officer sends the request to the UNSIDER Technical Committee that has to formulate the answer.
d) definition of the answer by the UNSIDER Technical Committee.
e) transmission of the answer from the Technical Officer to the asking Associate.
f) the answer is put in the “List of Interpretation” about the interpretation (without personal information about the asking Associate).

Link to service: SIN

It is the possibility to ask standards interpretation for UNI, UNI ISO, UNI EN and UNI EN ISO steel standards.

Steels and Standards Database

UNSIDER gives for Associates a complete Data Base about steel standards, the Steels and Standards Data Base permits two different type of searching: for standards and for steels, respectively people can obtain information about standards and steels.
Steels search: first of all people have to select the way of searching between:
– D_NUMERIC (steel numeric assignment)
The search result is a list of steels that satisfies the request contained in the search parameters. Choosing a generic steel, you will find its description.
Standards search: it is possible to use a general search or a particular search only between the Standards in force. At the same way for steels search, you have to select before the way of search between:
The search result is a list of standards that satisfies the request contained in the search parameters. Choosing a generic standard, you will find its description.


People can carry out personal researches and take information about the existence and the validity of standards, about steels type contained in standards and about the link between steels of similar National Standards.
Standards projects Database

Under construction, sorry for inconvenience.

Download Public inquiry Projects (pdf)

People can find standards projects for products, arguments, test and control cases and people can follow the course of approving for the projects.
SDAN - Service for Standards Updating
An Associate Member can be informed in real time by an e-mail,  every time that a standard, in its interest field, has been put on the Data Base, whether it is a new standard or a new version of and old standard (pointing out that the old standard has been passed).
IDEA – Informazione DEdicata agli Associati

UNSIDER permits to every registered member to define from the “Steel and Standards Data Base” a list of max. 50 standards for which he wants to be always informed (about re treatment, updating, …). Every change will be communicated by e-mail.

Link to service: IDEA

Every Technical Expert is able to define a personal data base of max. 50 standards among the Steel Standard Data Base, and he is able to be informed in real time about every changing of his data base (for example standards suppression, new standards, etc..).
Day Training


“Day Training” is dedicated for refreshing and training of Technical Staff about standards and certifications.
This service:
•          is free and only for UNSIDER Associates;
•          is a deep technical examination of daily courses;
•          is a monthly service in Unsider;
•          is about different arguments that interest standardization and/or certification.

Day Training 23 Settembre 2010
“Prodotti siderurgici: – elenco norme armonizzate – marcatura CE – CPD e requisiti NTC – trasporto acque”

Download Presentazione (Pdf 187 Kb)

Day Training 24 Marzo 2010
“BS OHSAS 18001:2007 – Sistemi di Gestione Salute e Sicurezza sul Lavoro”

Download Presentazione (Pdf 970 Kb)

Day Training 22 Ottobre 2009
La valenza delle differenti certificazioni/qualifiche/marcature – ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, EN 10204, DM 14 gen. 2008, CE, …

Download Presentazione Day T – Tipi di certificazione (Zip 2,14 Mb)
Download Presentazione UNSIDER IGQ pro (Zip 2,41 Mb)
Download Presentazione UNSIDER IGQ sgq (Zip 1,78 Mb)
Download Presentazione UNSIDER IGQ sga (Zip 1,35 Mb)
Download Presentazione UNSIDER IGQ sgssl (Zip 956 Kb)

Day Training 30 Luglio 2009
“Centri di trasformazione e controlli Requisiti previsti da: – DM 14 gennaio 2008 “Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni- NTC e – Circolare 2 febbraio 2009” “Istruzioni per l’applicazione delle NTC”

Download Presentazione (Pdf 298Kb)

Day Training 27 Maggio 2009
“REACH – Implicazioni per il settore siderurgico”

Download Presentazione Powerpoint “REACH – Implicazioni per il settore siderurgico” (Zip 2Mb)

Day Training 9 Febbraio 2009
“Nuova UNI EN ISO 9001:nov.2008 “Sistemi di gestione per la qualità – Requisiti” – Contenuti e Modifiche – rispetto all’edizione del 2000”

Download Presentazione Powerpoint “La nuova ISO 9001:2008” (Zip 468Kb)
Download Sistemi di gestione per la qualità – La nuova norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Pdf 705Kb)

Download ISO/TC 176/SC 2 doc. N 836 – Implementation Guidance for ISO 9001:2008 (Pdf 394Kb)

Day Training 3 Dicembre 2008
“Direttiva Apparecchi a Pressione e Requisiti per i Materiali”

Download Presentazione Powerpoint Day Training 3 Dicembre 2008 (Zip 68Kb)
Download Testo PED (Pdf 428Kb)

Download Guidelines (Zip 752Kb)

Day Training 22 Ottobre 2008
“Draft della nuova Regulation sui Prodotti da Costruzione che sostituirà la CPD”

Download Presentazione Day Training 22 Ottobre 2008 (Pdf 181Kb)
Download 89-106 CEE Direttiva Prodotti da Costruzione (Pdf 48Kb)

Download Regolamento Prodotti da Costruzione (Pdf 349Kb)

Download Reg 764 Commercializzazione prodotti in altri stati (Pdf 102Kb)

Download Reg 765 Accreditamento e vigilanza mercato (Pdf 167Kb)

Download Dec 768 Commercializzazione (Pdf 245Kb)

Day Training 16 Settembre 2008
“Direttiva Prodotti da Costruzione – CPD – e CE Marking -“

Download Presentazione Powerpoint Day Training 16 Settembre 2008 (Zip 56Kb)
Download Presentazione Powerpoint CE Ped Marking Day Training 16 Settembre 2008 (Zip 56Kb)

Day Training 10 Luglio 2008
“Condizioni di Fornitura e Documenti di Controllo – EN 10021, EN 10204, EN 10168 –

Download Presentazione Powerpoint Day Training 10 Luglio 2008 (Zip 56Kb)

UNSIDER annually organizes courses and days for associates in which information and technical formation about specific standardization activity arguments are provided by external speakers.

Courses and trials
Examples of courses and trials days prepared by Unsider:
– Days on European Pressure Containers instructions (PED)
– Days on European Construction Products instructions (CPD)
– Courses of metallurgy
– Courses on thermic Services of steel
– Days on EN standards of particular importance :
– EN 10204: types of documents about control
– EN 10224 – 10311 – 10312 – EN 545: steel tubes and cast iron for aqueduct
– and so on

Training and/or updating days can be also programmed and developed, by request of Associates, and in some cases for the updating of company staff.

Every UNSIDER Associate can take part in Day Training

Standards File
UNSIDER offers to the Associates, for consulting, an archive of about 20000 documents of the most important Standards Organisations.