UNSIDER members

UNSIDER Associates are:

•          Supporters;
•          Ordinaries;
•          By law.

Category Associations, Organizations or single Companies, recognized by the Assembly (by Steering Committee’ suggest) that identifies the qualify of Supporter. That qualify is taken after some credits in the manufacture or use in the steel sector, or maybe other credits in steel certifications or standards.
Supporters give ten or more than ten annual quotes.

Category Associations or Associations for Study, representing their members;
Industrial Federations, representing the members of their Associations and Unions;
Freelancers, the Organizations, the Societies and Companies, steels manufacturers and/or users, even if they are members of the Associations or Federations listed before.
Laboratories, Research Institutes and Certification Organizations that work in steel sector even if they are member of the Associations or Federations listed before.

By law:
National Council of Researches (CNR);
Italian National Board of Union (UNI);
The National Authorities for control and approval and the Ministries that want to participate.